A Few Words About Us

The main influence of CROSSOVER is the urban lifestyle that comes from daily contact with the outside world combined with the perception of the need for a combination of daily and extreme style. This new trend in the country cultivated admiration for urban street culture, manifested now in the collection CROSSOVER

CROSSOVER’s for clothes has its roots 25 years ago based on its sister company MISSONE specializing in shirts. The combination of expertise and understanding of modern day life and culture has translated into the ideology and view of CROSSOVER. Clothes are based on high-quality natural materials and leathers, high definition digital printing and industrial metals.

The first collection was CROSSOVER autumn/winter 2014 and the company has evolved into a mix of streetwear and high-end fashion for men. With a variety of items that are handmade with attention to detail and fresh ideas, the CROSSOVER is often selective degradation of the human form, presenting pieces from different fabrics and materials and asymmetrical cuts. The CROSSOVER is usually left in a palette of white, grey and black with stunning effects. The line is sold in fine CROSSOVER participating stores throughout Greece and Cyprus.