Returning Products

Customers have the right to return some of the products they bought within the 14 day interval from its time of acquisition and request either a refund or product change.

For the exercise of the right of return, please contact us at 2310528311 or e-mail: [email protected]

In the case of a refund, the customer declares that, with his own care and care, he will return to our company the product he has received via Courier of his choice and at his own expense. Then after the product has been received, it will be examined and if it meets the requirements, our company will proceed to credit the money to an account specified by the customer.

In case of a change with another product, after you have informed us of the change you wish, you will properly package the product and deliver it to the Courier employee who will provide you with your change, you will receive a price difference plus 5 euros.

Any bank charges-deductions that arise are borne solely by the customer, in respect of the bank’s own.

CAUTION! The products must be delivered in the same condition as had been received by the customer, their packaging, as well as their other documents (proof of retail) with which they were accompanying their receipt.



Valaoritou 11, 54626 Thessaloniki

Phone 2310528311

Product changes outside Greece

If a customer outside of Greece wants to change or return a product, we declare that the cost of returning to us as well as shipping the new product from us is entirely charged to the customer.

The return of the product is made by a customer’s courier and the sending of the new product is done with Courier Center for a fee of 9 €.